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How It Works

When we begin on a process, we see it as a plan of structured progress. We set out to solve the conflicts that might get in the way. Doing this, places you in certain success with a company trained and highly experienced in landscape design. We will get it done for you the way you want.

When we begin working with our clients, we use a structured plan focused on the client’s landscaping needs and desires. When planning our process, we consider and anticipate all possible issues that may arise to prevent any setbacks. 

Hoistlandscape architects are highly trained and experienced professionals who work diligently to ensure that we arrive at successful outcomes for our clients when designing their desired landscapes. We first make a plan illustrating the known aspects of the property. To do this, we need a copy of your plat of survey, which is the graphic document you received when you bought your home. This document may be scanned and sent to us quickly online or sent via text message using your mobile phone. Additionally, we would like you to take photos of all sides of your home (i.e., photos of the back, front and side yards). Detail is key. Having this information helps us better understand your property’s layout.

Following the initial meeting we will produce a concept plan representing our emerging thoughts and observations. You will be sent this preliminary graphic via email.

We will then have a 30- minute zoom meeting discussing concepts of this plan.

The final landscape plan will be described in a second document that will be sent to you following an additional Zoom meeting. During this conversation, we will provide a detailed presentaion of the plan.

Thus, with only two plans and three meetings, we will arrive at a clear vision and accurate plan to thoughtfully build a high quality landscape that accomplishes your goals.

Clients’ Feedback